Hi I'm Paula Springer, and I am a mastery certified transformational coach and founder of FIREBELLY, Practical and Intuitive Digestive Wellness. I have 25 years of experience and training in natural, holistic health and healing, green living, whole foods cooking and nutritional support for digestive harmony. My intuitive healing methods are well complemented by practical knowledge I have gained in how to support others on the journey towards digestive health. More about me below, but first I know you have questions...

Who I'm Here to Help

My help comes in a range of time-tested flavors:

  • Those who have general tummy troubles and seek to deepen their understanding of themselves through the lens of these health challenges
  • Those who are newly diagnosed with IBS/SIBO, wanting help with practical daily implementation and support during clinical treatment
  • Those in the midst of treatment looking for more out of life
  • Those who've gone through mulitiple rounds of treatment and are still looking for the root cause
  • Those who are looking for energetic healing and somatic integration for total holistic support


What I Can Help With:

  • Answers to questions about recovering from gut illness from someone who knows the territory
  • Implementing LowFODMAPs, SCD, GAPS, Paleo, and Candida diets in the kitchen
  • Eating out and about the town, being social, and traveling with a restricted diet
  • LIfestyle factors that will accelerate your healing
  • What to look for in your provider care team
  • Habit change and mind/body coaching

My goal is to meet my client where they are at with practical support in terms of diet, lifestyle and self-care. I have coaching packages available that offer everything from single sessions and case reviews to packages that offer a quick-start introduction to a new diet, as well as comprehensive restoration programs and one-day intensives. Each Spring and Fall, I host my signature retreat, Discover Your Inner Genius for Gut Restoration. A popular FIREBELLY item is my VIP Day for busy professionals so they can stay as focused and productive as possible while instituting changes that support their health. And new for Spring 2018 is my Health Advantage Training as well as Masterclasses on FODMAPs for anyone including chefs and caterers.

Because gut challenges are intimately tied to how the nervous system functions, I offer education and coaching as well as practical techniques to rebalance the effects of stress, anxiety, depression, trauma and PTSD, which are commonly present with digestive complaints.

Having my mastery certification in Transformational Coaching Method from Holistic MBA (now Health Coaching International) allows me to eliminate belief & behavior patterns that hold us back from having what we want in life. By befriending our present condition as is and recognizing the positive intention it represents, I believe it possible to create lasting change for my clients. My training in neuro linguistic programming (NLP), Shadow Work, Family Constellation Therapy, Spiritual Counseling and Shamanism have allowed me to work compassionately on understanding my own client's choices as well as deepened my understanding of the complexity of the human experience. The coaching techniques that re-wire and re-imprint early subconscious beliefs that help form lifelong patterning and identity have been a game-changer for me in my personal gut restoration journey and I know they will help you too! Want to find out how?

Let's talk. Schedule me for a 'Hello Belly Breakthrough' consultation here.

Its a win-win conversation. You'll walk away with some serious 'Aha's' about whats going on in your tummy and I will get to meet my goal of helping to empower one more person on their healing journey.

More about Paula

As a small child, I was fascinated by my great-uncle Paul, who owned a natural foods store and inspired me to look deeply into true nourishment.  I’m also lifelong movement geek, dancer, and yogini. My gut healing journey began when I let go of sugar and carbohydrates to embrace Paleo/SCD/GAPS diets for candida and IBS, which was subsequently re-diagnosed as SIBO. I have been recently feeling the joys of making my way back from an extremely limited low FODMAPs diet, widening my choices by leaps and bounds. My healing has come through diverse avenues ranging from naturopathic & integrative medicine to behavioral change coaching to shamanism and most recently from functional neurology.

I now bring the gems I have gathered throughout my culinary explorations – as a teenage health nut, former vegan, home fermenter, and now embracing traditional foods - together with my coaching background to support those who have heard ‘The Call’ to revise what they eat and make lifestyle changes to create more vital lives, specifically in healing from candida, IBS and SIBO because I have walked the miles in those shoes. Those with Crohn’s, celiac, ulcerative colitis, GERD and fibromyalgia will also find Firebelly to hit home for them as well.

My SIBO specific story

While much more of my journey will come as told in blogs and newsletters, this summary will give you an idea of where I have been and how my experience might be useful to you.

My story is a life of gut challenges, from my early 20s I had chronic yeast, started going Paleo before it was even called anything, entirely gave up sugar and carbs in 1996 at age 35 but still had IBS-like symptoms that went haywire after an intimate bout with whopping stress from the real estate bubble burst in 2008… when my home staging business was deeply challenged by the downturn. In 2010 I heard about SIBO and tested positive. Since then I’ve taken my deepest dive yet into matters of my own health, seeing many experts in the field. Here in Portland I’m lucky enough to have the SIBO Center at the National University of Naturopathic Medicine (NUNM), where I’ve undergone every treatment known to these experts, some twice, and still had SIBO in January 2016 after round six of treatment. And now I’m in round 7, a custom conglomeration of many things all at once.  And having regularly attended professional trainings like NUNM's annual SIBO Symposium and developed that habit of researching relentlessly over the years, my experience has become a rich resource for others.

The blessing of information about brain function and neurology has led me to new horizons and new hope for a speedy resolution. Along the way, I’ve sought and received the blessing of enormous personal and spiritual growth, seeking and learning consistently how to put the latent effects of chronic childhood trauma in perspective with gut function and health.

May 2017 UPDATE: It is nearly a year since my last SIBO treatment and I can happily report I am no longer suffering from the bacterial overgrowth condition that relapsed 6 times after treatment. Continuing NLP work, along with neural exercise for mid-brain deficiencies related to PTSD and adhesion release body work were integral to the process as well as an 18-week herbal Mullins Protocol. However, as the SIBO resolved, I reintroduced higher FODMAPs foods and felt the enormous joy and relief of opening up my diet again. Then it became clear that there was something else going on underneath. I had blood-sugar issues and was not tolerating sugars and carbs well, but thankfully they were not causing a SIBO relapse for the first time in decades. Arthritis had developed in my hands within 30 days of the SIBO treatment ending and, after searching for reasons all summer, ( what is causing chronic inflammation? is it autoimmune disease? ) lab testing in the Fall of 2016 found reactivated Epstein-Barr Virus to be the culprit.  Today the arthritic hands are gone as a result of treating Epstein-Barr, which some say is present in something like 90% of the population. The lesson I have learned is to never give up. Before I'll say 'its just age creeping up on me', I'll stay curious and see what else is possible.