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Feeling much more freedom after working with Paula.

It’s no small statement for me to say how much more freedom I am feeling after working with Paula. When we met, I had been treated for SIBO numerous ways and was looking for support with the underlying emotional issues as well as guidance on next-steps to take for healing. I immediately sensed Paula’s breadth of empathy and experience in dealing with chronic gut related disorders. It was obvious she understood the frustration of working with many practitioners and trying many diets and still feeling sick. Through our work together, I learned, in very concrete ways, how my emotions govern as well as contribute to my digestive issues. I have now established more balance and am more comfortable honoring my own needs so that I can remain true to my other values of serving others. I felt so much more at peace that I was able to navigate an emerging family crisis in a whole new way without triggering symptoms. Paula immediately sensed what was most important and helped me to process strong feelings and supported my decision to establish a healthier degree of personal sovereignty, yet still see myself as a good person. She made sure to constantly check in so as to honor my desires for our work together. I felt heard and understood and validated. I would encourage anyone to spend time coaching with Paula.  She has an exquisite ability to hear a person’s heart and to intuitively guide the conversation in a fruitful direction. She is gifted in her interpersonal skills in an affirming and delightful way!

~R.K., Portland, OR

I feel set free to blossom to my fullest.

The program I did with Paula was very professional and impacted me on utterly profound levels.  Paula's gentle guidance illustrated how clearly my health challenges are related to emotional struggles that began as a child. I had no idea how influential they still were in my life. I thought I had dealt with them long ago. The process seemed so simple, yet cathartic, and I have noticed a clarity of being. With profound gratitude the incessant internal nagging of questions within my being have ceased and my symptoms have greatly reduced over the 90-days we have worked together. Spontaneity of fun and joy have been noticeably increasing.  ... I feel set free to blossom to my fullest.  Every day my life is focused on my blessings while putting my ideas into practical form one step at a time. 

Thank you Paula for your many gifts you share so beautifully.

 ~ K.F. West Linn, OR

Paula has a profound healing presence and is an amazingly gifted coach.

Been doing some amazing work with Paula Springer to get past an issue keeping me stuck in old unwanted thinking. Paula has a profound healing presence and is an amazingly gifted coach. Thank you Paula for your spiritual energy and for leading me to a much better place.”

 ~ D.B. Vancouver, WA

Her coaching is spacious...

Paula Springer has a wonderful healing presence and patiently helped me explore other ways of being in this world.  Her coaching is spacious, allowing me to discover more of who I am and what brings me joy.  She shared tools that help me on my path to wellness that include mind, body AND spirit.

~R.U., Portland, OR

Paula literally lifted the lid on the ceiling I thought I had as far as my focus and productivity.

I’ve had a profound experience seeing my wound as my gift, so I’m masterminding a new body/mind therapy for trauma survivors and those who are either experiencing or survived a chronic Illness. I previously thought I had no time or energy to create a new program. It seems to be coming to life and moving forward effortlessly, with resources just walking through the door. Paula literally lifted the lid on the ceiling I thought I had as far as my focus and productivity.

~ S.U. HIllsboro, OR


I felt hopeless and discouraged. Now I feel grounded, supported, and hopeful.

I found Paula through a mutual friend who knew I had been struggling with SIBO for a few years.  My consultation with Paula resulted in more clarity and progress than I had experienced in the prior 18+months of active searching and experimenting with every elimination diet and supplement under the sun.  

I was at my wits end, completely beside myself emotionally and physically; nothing was working and my health was actually deteriorating.

In our first meeting I realized that my digestive and health issues stemmed from events that went much farther back and were seemingly "unrelated" to my gut.  In the time we spent together, Paula helped me map out a plan that included looking at several things I had not even considered as related.  As i began to follow each of her suggestions, more information, insight, and healing became available.

One of the things that I loved most about working with Paula is how emotionally present, supportive, and affirming she is.  I know that a big part of my healing rests upon my ability to love myself - and yet, even knowing that (and being a women's self-love coach!) I was still coming from a place of finding myself wrong and judging myself for "having gotten to this place."  Paula was able to see that and hold me very kindly in that place, and offer emotional and spiritual support and counsel that was the exact 'medicine' I needed.  Her words and offerings still reverberate with me and have helped me reach a new level of surrender, self-love, and peace.

Paula has an amazing capacity to look at and hold up all the pieces - emotional, physical, physiological, and spiritual - so that both she and her client can look at, assess, and work through. She was very clear that there was likely more than one 'root cause', but that we could likely uncover what they were.  I feel like she helped me do just that.  I am healing.  And I appreciate the process so much more because of my incredible good fortune to find and work with her.  Before I felt hopeless and discouraged. Now I feel grounded, supported, and hopeful.

K.S. ~ Tuscon, AZ

Paula guided me to find my innate strengths to battle the helplessness.

I was feeling helpless most of the time, between jobs and having digestive health issues. Paula was completely non-judgmental, concerned with how I was feeling and where I wanted to go. Her process helped me identify a specific trigger and guided me to find and access my innate strengths to battle the helplessness. I had a breakthrough around the connection of emotions and my health, and am feeling more empowered to take charge of my life in new ways.  To anyone considering working with her, I recommend that you trust her ability to hold your best interest at heart.

~ A. A., Financial Services, Chicago, IL

A very powerful, holistic healing process.

When I was first diagnosed with SIBO, I was at a crucial point in my business, launching important new initiatives, and I felt overwhelmed with the learning curve and the treatment possibilities. Paula was instrumental in helping me laser in on what was important and gave me rock-steady practical guidance so I could feel better, build my health care team, start eating the right foods and travel with a well-thought out plan for eating on the road. Her coaching sessions have identified core issues where stress is impacting my gut health significantly. The combination of positive shifts in my self-care and family relationships alongside my clinical treatment has stimulated a very powerful, holistic healing process.

~M.B., Health Coach, Woolwich, ME

I have tapped an inner passion I rarely touch that allows more self-love to flow.

My work with Paula was everything I'd hoped for and much more. What I'm most delighted about is that I have tapped an inner passion I rarely touch that allows more self-love to flow. This opening not only translates so beautifully into the work I do with my own clients, but I have also found new inspiration to balance work and family. The biggest surprise was in finding "time" I did not know I had. Paula's coaching around that revealed an energetic misalignment that, once brought to light, dissolved the reasons for avoidance patterns and gave me enormous freedom to make new choices.

E. T., New York, NY

Paula totally exceeded my expectations with her talents for transformational coaching.

I'm still amazed how effortless it all seemed after Paula led me towards discovering and releasing the old beliefs that were holding me back. I had no idea what would surface and there were just so many "aha!" moments and so much clarity that opened me up to the possibilities and helped me embrace what I am becoming. Paula totally exceeded my expectations with her talents for transformational coaching.

~ J. S. Portland, OR